FinTech Services

GFS-Tech is a program developing company that focuses on optimizing your e-marketing activities. We harness the power of our onsite retargeting software to turn visitors into customers like no other platform on the market.

We ensure that all our consultants have relevant and proven experience. Here are the following services that we offer:

PSP Gateway Services

We offer assistance for your business to obtain your PSP Gateway and ensuring that the gateway is PCI compliant. Our dedicated consultants are experienced in all aspects of becoming a PSP and can guide you on the process of acquiring the required gateway.

We can ensure you obtain a PSP gateway that closely matches your PSP operational needs and also help you to achieve PCI compliance with the gateway software. Our dedicated consultants can help you find the most suitable company to design and integrate your gateway software into your PSP software.

E-Commerce Optimization Software

Our powerful ecommerce software gives you all the features you need for your business, but GFS-Tech is much more than a website builder. We give you the tools to streamline your online business so you can focus on what you do best.

We don’t just help you drive more traffic — we empower you to get more sales out of the traffic you already have. Our built-in conversion features will turn your traffic to profit.

Financial Technology Consultancy

We help you identify how to reinvent your business and services models to capitalize on digital technologies and innovation. Then we work with you to make the transformation a reality, drawing on our extensive experience of applying technology in the real world.

We bring together digital, technology and industry experts to help you create value from digital, no matter what stage of the journey you’re at.

Find the best match from our group of consultants for your project requirements and you’ll quickly see the results and expertise your business wants.

By having one point of contact it will save you time and ultimately money by having everything managed in one place. We are a great solution for smaller teams needing more help, and we are a great complement to teams needing more time.