PSP Gateway Services

A PSP or payment gateway is vital in order for a Payment Service Provider to send and receive data and relay the data between the merchant and the acquiring bank. Without a gateway, the PSP will not be able to give out the relevant information of payments to the acquiring bank and vice versa.

What is a PSP Gateway?

A PSP gateway is a kind of software that allows a PSP to send out sensitive data from a merchant to the acquiring bank and vice versa safely and securely. In a broad sense, a PSP gateway is very important to the efficient and successful management of a PSP and will enable payment service providers to give complete PSP services to their merchants.

The gateway must comply with PCI standards as it transmits and holds sensitive data from customers where they give information and card details to pay for goods and services.

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GFS-Tech is glad to aid you in every step of the way in acquiring your PSP gateway and making sure that the gateway is PCI compliant. Our devoted team is knowledgeable in all aspects of becoming a PSP and can help you with the process of obtaining the required gateway.

Our consultants can help you with the design and integration of your gateway software into your PSP software. We will support you from the start and to the very finish.

We, at GFS-Tech, will make sure that you receive a PSP gateway that matches your PSP operational needs very closely and also help you to achieve PCI compliance with the gateway software. Our dedicated team of professionals will assist you in getting your PSP gateway up and running and are always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your gateway.